Jate fall report from John Simas!! We have a new seasonal option for trips!!

Here's a quick recap of our late fall trip to Taltson. Just the 2 of us on this trip. (Len Smith & myself)
After a fairly good trip to Don's camp in August, Len & I decided to head back up for some late fall pike.
Over the last 22 years the latest we'd ever gone up there was mid September so this time frame was unchartered waters for us.
Overall the weather for the 6 days was actually very good. Only Tuesday night and all day Wednesday did we get howling winds from the northwest
which made for tough fishing on the lake. On the Wednesday we went up the river to the first and second islands but basically didn't catch much.
The rest of the week we fished the lake and the best fishing was in the spots that usually produce during the summer months.
The channel leading up to and including the front of Tower Island produced a lot of big fish. The night bite was great but casting and trolling the same
area during the day was surprisingly great as well. The weed beds were dying off but they still held quite a few fish and big ones at that. Hard to believe
but there were still a lot of green / live weeds in the beds this late in the year.
We don't really measure the pike we catch but we did have a couple of 47 inchers that weighed in at around 23 lbs. The 2 biggest fish of the trip were just shy of 25lbs.
(weighed on certified scales) but were only 43" with massive bellies. The majority of the pike we caught had noticeably large girths around the belly. Quite a few pike had
tails of suckers and whitefish sticking out of their throats. It's been a while since we brought in this many 20+ pounders. We nailed a few incidental walleye - biggest was 6lbs.
All in all the weather cooperated and maybe we got lucky as I'm not sure what one could expect this late in the year. August fishing is always great fun but the pike sure
get big and aggressive in the late fall. Will definitely consider going up again in late fall in the future.

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