2017!! Off to a great start!!

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  We are off to a great season already!  The size to beat on pike so far is 47.5"! For walleye it is a trophy shattering 34"!!!!  Can you imagine bringing a 34" walleye to the boat??!!  That's insane!

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Jate fall report from John Simas!! We have a new seasonal option for trips!!

Here's a quick recap of our late fall trip to Taltson. Just the 2 of us on this trip. (Len Smith & myself)
After a fairly good trip to Don's camp in August, Len & I decided to head back up for some late fall pike.
Over the last 22 years the latest we'd ever gone up there was mid September so this time frame was unchartered waters for us.
Overall the weather for the 6 days was actually very good. Only Tuesday night and all day Wednesday did we get howling winds from the northwest
which made for tough fishing on the lake. On the Wednesday we went up the river to the first and second islands but basically didn't catch much.
The rest of the week we fished the lake and the best fishing was in the spots that usually produce during the summer months.
The channel leading up to and including the front of Tower Island produced a lot of big fish. The night bite was great but casting and trolling the same
area during the day was surprisingly great as well. The weed beds were dying off but they still held quite a few fish and big ones at that. Hard to believe
but there were still a lot of green / live weeds in the beds this late in the year.
We don't really measure the pike we catch but we did have a couple of 47 inchers that weighed in at around 23 lbs. The 2 biggest fish of the trip were just shy of 25lbs.
(weighed on certified scales) but were only 43" with massive bellies. The majority of the pike we caught had noticeably large girths around the belly. Quite a few pike had
tails of suckers and whitefish sticking out of their throats. It's been a while since we brought in this many 20+ pounders. We nailed a few incidental walleye - biggest was 6lbs.
All in all the weather cooperated and maybe we got lucky as I'm not sure what one could expect this late in the year. August fishing is always great fun but the pike sure
get big and aggressive in the late fall. Will definitely consider going up again in late fall in the future.


More amazing pics from August! The Goldberg boat

Kevin Goldberg and Tony Spicker put a hurt on the big fish during the 3rd week of august!

 Tae a look at the mayhem!!


2016 fishing reports and review

 Hello anglers!
  Jamie here.  I'll be adding more to the blog as it's come to my attention that there are some faithful blog visitors who aren't into the Facebook thing.
  This edition will be rather long, full of reports taken for the Facebook page and jammed with other info.   I suggest you bookmark it and come back to it to review.
  The 2016 season was a strange one. Temps in the arctic circle were MUCH higher than normal for much of the summer. The winds at times lasted longer than usual. Huge fish were caught however...sometimes with a change of tactics such as using small lures instead of the usual grande stuff....yet the following week huge lures reigned supreme. That's the kind of year if was.

I'll add pictures later. For now I'll include direct links that you can click on that will take you right to them in a new tab.
  So here we go in no particular order....

We had a group of 6 that fished at Taltson from August 6-13. For Pete Siggelko and myself, this was our third trip to Taltson. We were joined by Brian and Derek Menzer, Rocky Chrisman and Bob Hausser. It was their first trip to Taltson. The weather we had during the week changed frequently. We had strong E, N, NE and NW several of the days. We also had two wall clouds of fog roll across the lake on two consecutive days. It only rained for 15-20 minutes the entire week. This was my first trip where weather impacted our fishing as we lost 1-1.5 days of fishing due to wind. Temperatures ranged from 60-70 during the week, with the average in the high 60's I would guess. Water temps ranged from nearly 70 degrees down to 62 in the deeper weeds. After the strong winds out of the east/north, it cooled the water down to about 66 for the majority of the week. Nights were cool as most of us had fires for half of the week. 
Brenda did a good job with the meals and was prompt every day. Anything we asked for, she did her best to get it. 
Okay, now for the fishing. For me, the fishing was a lot different from the previous two trips. My numbers were a little down, but it was still an unbelievable trip. If the weather cooperated a little better, the numbers would be in line with previous years. It was a pleasure fishing with Pete Siggelko for the week. We had not met before, but it didn't take long for either of us to figure out that we were diehard pike fisherman. 
Due to the wind, we couldn't fish the rocks nearly has much as we would have liked too. When we were able to fish the rocks, we were able to get quality fish up to 45". We caught most of our fish on the flat out in front of Tower Island as well as the weedbeds that are on the flats. How we caught the majority of the fish was interesting. We had released a high 30's pike and we decided to move to the next weedbed. I threw out and we decided to troll our spinnerbaits to the next weedbed. Within a few seconds I caught a 40" pike. After releasing this one, Pete caught a 45" trolling and then a 42". We were on to something. Due to the size of the flat, trolling spinnerbaits in 1.5-2.5oz variations turned out to be deadly. One evening, the Menzer boat got 7 trophies, two 41's, two 42's, two 43's and a 45". All three boats for the next two days boated several trophies this way. 
The trolling bite at night was very slow for us. I think we were 21 for 38 for the week. Last year I had one night I was 22 for 36. They just weren't in there yet like normal.
I broke my personal best twice during the week with a 45.5" and 46". Pete caught the biggest in our boat at 47" in 4 ft of water near weeds on a spinnerbait. When I hand landed this fish, I new it was big as I lifted her out. Her tail was curled on the bottom of the boat and this pike had some of the largest teeth we have ever seen. It was a hog!
Even though our numbers were down, it still topped any other trip I have taken to other lodges across Canada. 
For our boat, we landed 521 fish, with about 20 of those being accidental walleyes fishing for pike. Here's how our boat numbers broke down:
285 fish caught
21 fish 41" or bigger
7 - 41"
7 - 42-42.5"
3 - 43"
2 - 44.5"
1 - 45.5"
1 - 46"
10 - 40"
236 fish caught
18 fish 41" or bigger
8 fish 40"
Largest 47"
Brian and Derek Menzer Boat
218 pike caught
31 fish 41" or bigger
10 - 41"
6 - 42"
9 - 43"
2 - 44"
2 - 45"
1 - 46"
1 - 47"
Rocky and Bob's boat
They didn't keep track of fish, but estimated approximately 100 fish in the boat
10 were greater than 40" with the largest being 46" All three boats caught at least one 46" pike!
The hot lures were:
1.5-2.5oz spinnerbaits - Firetiger, black/orange, Black/Gold, Orange/Gold, Silver, White Tinsel
Orange/Black bulldawg (Trolling)
Xtreme 6" and 8" crankbaits (Trolling)
Johnson silver minnow
Some were caught on spoons
The vast majority of fish in all 3 boats were caught on spinnerbaits


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 Tight Lines!

  Just a couple of pics to wet the ol' whistle..


August 22-29 2015

Oh you want a fishing report ?
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It here!
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The Greg Them August 2015 report!

This was my second trip to Taltson. I was joined in camp by Mike, Andy and Dave Jamison as well as Caleb and Josh Little. Everyone had a great time and the fishing was world class just like my last trip. Don, Karen and Helena did a great job with the cooking and Garet did a great job guiding us. The lake is about 2 feet down and there was a north wind each day. The best fishing was off of the rocks. My numbers were the following:

4 days of fishing
333 fish
25 41” or bigger (largest was 45”)
91 between 36 and 40.9”

Everyone in the group caught trophies. I know the largest in camp was a 48” and two 47” fish.

I think only two trophies came from weeds for me. Rocks and trolling were the ticket. The last night of trolling was phenomenal. We went 22 for 36 with 8 trophies, the largest being 44”. There were multiple times while hand landing the fish that we saw one or two trophies that had followed the fish in. 

The hot lures for me were:

Black and Gold

Uboats (Bulldawg type lures) in Pearl, Black/Red Tail
Obaits (Bulldawg type lures) in Black/Orange tail (both years this color has out produced any other colors)
8” Xtreme Glide Bait – It was really cool seeing this bait get destroyed in the span of 1 hour.  A lot of 38-40 fish with two trophies mixed in. It’s really cool to catch them on something I made!
8” Xtreme Crank

Other notes:

Saw the northern lights
It was weird seeing the sun setting on one side and the giant full moon behind us
I have some good camera footage once I get everything mashed together.

If there’s a better place to fish for trophy pike, I would love to be there. Until then, I will continue to visit Taltson. Heading back next year for sure!

Greg Them