August 22-29 2015

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The Greg Them August 2015 report!

This was my second trip to Taltson. I was joined in camp by Mike, Andy and Dave Jamison as well as Caleb and Josh Little. Everyone had a great time and the fishing was world class just like my last trip. Don, Karen and Helena did a great job with the cooking and Garet did a great job guiding us. The lake is about 2 feet down and there was a north wind each day. The best fishing was off of the rocks. My numbers were the following:

4 days of fishing
333 fish
25 41” or bigger (largest was 45”)
91 between 36 and 40.9”

Everyone in the group caught trophies. I know the largest in camp was a 48” and two 47” fish.

I think only two trophies came from weeds for me. Rocks and trolling were the ticket. The last night of trolling was phenomenal. We went 22 for 36 with 8 trophies, the largest being 44”. There were multiple times while hand landing the fish that we saw one or two trophies that had followed the fish in. 

The hot lures for me were:

Black and Gold

Uboats (Bulldawg type lures) in Pearl, Black/Red Tail
Obaits (Bulldawg type lures) in Black/Orange tail (both years this color has out produced any other colors)
8” Xtreme Glide Bait – It was really cool seeing this bait get destroyed in the span of 1 hour.  A lot of 38-40 fish with two trophies mixed in. It’s really cool to catch them on something I made!
8” Xtreme Crank

Other notes:

Saw the northern lights
It was weird seeing the sun setting on one side and the giant full moon behind us
I have some good camera footage once I get everything mashed together.

If there’s a better place to fish for trophy pike, I would love to be there. Until then, I will continue to visit Taltson. Heading back next year for sure!

Greg Them

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Trip report June 20-26, 2015 David Crnkovich

June 20-26, 2015.   My father and I love pursuing big pike. We only count the ones over 41”.  We believed we could catch a lot of those on the Great Slave Lake. Our trip to Taltson Bay Big Pike Lodge was rewarding and exciting to say the least. After arriving a little late due to a forgotten passport (go figure), we were treated to a nice lunch before we went out for our first stint on Great Slave Lake with our guide Garet (Don’s son). Even though it was very windy and rough we chose to fish into the wind where it was blowing baitfish against rock banks. Before the end of the first day we caught 5 fish over 41 inches weighing between 26 and 29 pounds.

Our second day was Father's Day. What a great opportunity to spend the day fishing with your dad. It was partly cloudy in the low 70s wind was out of the northwest. For the day, we caught 12 fish over 41 inches. The largest was 43 inches and 29 pounds that evening my dad caught a 41 inch 21 pound pike on 6-pound monofilament with no leader right off the dock. Nothing like sipping scotch and catching pike that size sitting on the dock in chairs. We had Thanksgiving dinner that night along with homemade blueberry pie (thank you Helena). 

Our third day started calm with light drizzle. The action was slow in the morning but picked up around 11 AM. The sky cleared and after a fresh walleye lunch we went right back out. We caught a few fish over 41 inches but nothing spectacular. That evening, after dinner, we went out and fished the channel. On successive casts, we caught these fish: 42 inches 26 pounds, 41 inches 23 pounds, 43 ½ inches 29 pounds, and 44 inches 31 pounds and 42 ½ inches 28 pounds.  Total for the day: 11 pike over 41 inches.

Day four was sunny and hot. The wind was light and variable out of the south. We caught several walleye in the morning for tomorrow’s lunch. My dad caught a 42 inch 27 pound pike late in the morning and right before lunch I caught a 45 inch 36 pound monster! The back was over 6 inches across with sides over a foot tall. After our lunch ritual of fresh walleye (thank you Aggie), we headed back out and tried some of the outer islands. Went to Thubin Bay and had an incredible late afternoon of fishing. Fishing in 3 foot of water with weeds almost to the surface, you could see the pike stacked on the fringe of the current.  We used top water and shallow running tackle. It was so awesome because you could watch the fish shoot up and take the lure often jumping out of the water. We landed one more over 41 inches after dinner. Final count for the day was 14 pike over 41 inches with 2 over 30 pounds.

Day five was partly cloudy with a north wind.  The wind actually helped in the morning and we caught quite a few fish. We brought in four over 41 inches: a 42 inch 29 pound, a 41 inch 22 pound, a 43 inch 31 pound, and one 43 inch 33 pounds. The wind picked up and clouds rolled in while we were eating our walleye lunch. Even though it the lake was churned up, we still decided to go back to Thubin Bay. What a great decision!! Here was the afternoon catch: 44 inches 35 pounds, 42 inches 33 pounds, 41 inches 29 pounds, 41 inches 26 pounds, 42 inches 28 pounds, plus countless fish between 36 and 40 inches.  Garet had some camp items to attend to so I decided to guide my dad that evening. He ended up hooking a huge 45 inch 33 pound pike!! What a way to end the day. Total: 10 over 41”

Day six was our best day. Caught 23 walleye between 16 and 26 inches in the morning along with five pike over 41 inches: 41 inch 29 pounds, 43 and 30 pounds, 41 inch 23 pounds, 42 inch 27 pounds and 44 inch 31 pounds. After stuffing ourselves with fresh walleye, off to Thubin Bay we went. Once again, incredible fishing in such shallow water. 42 inch 32 pounds, 43 inch 31 pounds, 41 inch 27 pounds, 44 inch 34 pound and 45” 32 pounds.  Not to mention over 40 fish in the 34 to 40 inch range. Total for the day was well over 100. Over 41’s--10

On the seventh day, we woke to SMOKE! Overnight, strong south winds brought smoke from forest fires over the lake. Very smoky but the pike were lying in the weed beds in the morning. We caught a 42 inch 34 pound pike then a 26-inch and a 28-inch walleye. After we found the pocket of walleyes, we fished the perimeter looking for the big boy who would be feeding on them. Sure enough, right before lunch I hooked into a 44-½ inch, 37-pound pig. The belly looked like he had a melon in it. Perfect way to end the morning. After lunch, you guessed it, back to Thubin Bay. The water had come up a few degrees and the fish had relocated to deeper weed beds. No problem: 44 inch 31 pounds, 42 inch 30 pounds, 42 1/2 inch 34 pounds and 43 inch 29 pounds. Plus 15 in the 34 to 40 range. After dinner, we went back out for the last time and caught two more fish over 41 inches.  The biggest concern was the lingering smoke and the current ground hold for all air traffic out of Yellowknife. Total for the last day: 6 over 41”.

Our one-week total over 41” was 68 fish. Total of all fish caught had to be over 500. As I reflect on the experience, the most enjoyable part was being treated like family. Granted, we were the only two in camp that week, but from the moment we stepped off the plane, our experience had feeling of being welcomed back home. Don, was amazingly accommodating, including helping rig up a way to use my CPAP machine. Garet, Helena and Aggie treated us like uncles or cousins. We even went on a dinner picnic to an island on the river where we had fire-cooked steaks! We ate together, laughed together, drank beer together, and told stories. Never felt like a guest! Garet is a great young man who knows the lake. Plus, he was able to teach us about the cultures and way of life for the indigenous people. So enlightening.

Tackle. My dad loves to experiment and he had dozens of different options in his bag of tricks. Top water, silver minnows, steelhead lures, etc. Most caught fish. I tried a couple of large shallow divers, but all my fish were caught on a Mepps. 

Look forward to our next trip. Thank you to the Balsillie family and Aggie for all the great memories.

Taltson Bay 4 biggest fish for the Goldberg boat. August 2014!

Taltson Bay Big Pike Lodge. The Goldberg video from August 2014!

All Canada Show wrap up!

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August 2014 at Taltson!

 August 23-30, 2014 brought a group of 4 seasoned Taltson anglers and 2 first timers for a trip of trips.
The week started with the knowledge that the week before was a bad wind and weather week, but the group found skies clear, temps in the 60's, winds light and variable from the south upon there arrival.  The weather would remain so for the first 4 days, and the group crushed it!

Trophy fish 41"s and greater were caught right out of the box on the first drift for these six anglers.  And those type of fish would be the norm and not the exception for most of the trip. Only a strong weather system with north winds on Wednesday would slow the group down and cause some lock jaw in the fish, but come Thursday and into Friday night the BITE returned with a vengeance.  One must remember that these fish have just weeks remaining in open water season, and the need to put on some fat for the long Territories winter is a must.

Most everyone who reads these reports only concern are numbers...."what are your numbers?".  Well before we get to that lets give a shout out to the staff at Taltson Bay Big Pike Lodge.  The meals rocked! The boat that used a guide for the week reported that both Garrett and Keyon worked for every fish they got.  We are proud of the boys and girls in camp as they kept us fed, warm and comfortable.

Ok for the numbers: the boat of Jamie Riani and Bill Kallenburg had 30 fish 41" or greater and 363total fish.  Jamie put a hurt on his personal best pike with a beautiful 48" specimen trolled up after dark.  The boys were responsible for catching our walleye lunches and documenting our trip in photo form.  As always Jamie's quirky desire to catch giant pike on spinning gear and light line kept their boat in fire drill status during the week.

The boat of John Mich and Scott Kolpin had 58 pike 41"s or greater and 540 total fish.  Thank god for the bump board brought by John, as the boys had many of arguments settled whether the fish was  either 41" plus or minus by the board.  Though the boat couldn't muster anything greater than 46", they did get some of the finest fish photos that either have ever taken. John had nothing but nice things to say about his partner and the Riani, Kallenburg boat after impaling a spinner bait stinger hook in the thumb day 3.  Having forgot to pinch the barb, John was forced to continue the hooks path manually out the thumb and rely on Riani's knippex hook cutter to return to fishing. Pays to have prepared friends was heard from Mich as he continued to pepper a nearby weed bed moments after the averted tragedy. 

The final boat and newbies to Taltson were Kevin and Rena Goldberg.  The husband and wife duo may be new to Taltson, but they are far from new to the world of toothy critters.  Both accomplished musky anglers, they have what we can now report, taken lessor pike trips also. The Goldberg's are given a pass this year with total numbers of pike, as they were not informed of the others habit of using golf counters to keep track of numbers, but they did keep track of fish 41"s and greater.  Kevin and Rena posted 60 fish greater than 41"s, with Rena breaking her personal best pike we believe 3 times during this trip.  Finishing with and impressive 47".  Kevin not to be outdone crushed a 48" while night trolling using a friends homemade minnow bait. We would be remiss if their boat tragedies weren't documented as well.  We'll start with Rena slipping in the boat while taking photo's of Kevin's 48"and in attempting to break her fall, dropping Kevin's IPHONE in the drink.  The term "for better or worse" got challenged after that incident as many of Kevin prized musky photo's and many other personal and business info were lost. Then the night trolling incident involving a runaway pike....a tail flip....and a $600 rod and reel seeing the bottom of Great Slave Lake.  So sad but so funny for those not involved.   

Can't think of a better way to spend a week! Taltson didn't disappoint one bit!    

Yellowknife Bay, Air Tindi floatplane base.

 Our ride.

 Billy with a trophy pike and a bonus monster walleye!

Winner! Jamie's personal best and BFOTW a 48" monster during the night troll. Lure: Storm Kick'n minnow!

One of Bill's wrecked grinders

 Another great meal to fuel up on!

 Jamie and Bill's good luck hula girl.
Bill caught this one after breakfast....
Then Bill caught the same trophy pike again after lunch! How's that for a catch & release fishery!

Trolling in front of Seal Island.

 Scott making some of his flies.

 We eat VERY well at Taltson Bay Big Pike Lodge!

Tower Island

When the waves hit the rocks, the pike stack up!

Thanksgiving dinner at Taltson is always a highlight!

The Goldbergs fishing the sundown bite.

The aurora borealis was bright enough to shoot it on an iPhone.

Gratuitous fish porn pics!

 The Ikea bag drift sock. Worked great!!!

Here's a bonus report in picture form from the Sam Fiorentino Group of 4!  First week of August 
 60 over 40". Longest at 45".  257 fish between 35- 40.  571 total . A great trip!!