August 18-25 report!

  Rick Sweeney and Steve Schmitt were in camp the week of August 18-25, 2012. We were joined by Claire and Tom Bressler who were first timeers up to Great Slave Lake and each caught their biggest pike of their lives!
 Although both water level and temperatures were above normal we still had a very good trip. Early in the week the weed beds held both quantity and quality of big pike and the beds extended much further than normal. As the week went in the fish seemed to turn on and off at various times of the day. My biggest disappointment was that the after dinner trolling bite was not as good as normal. Several nights Rick and I stayed out until 11:00 and still the night trolling bite had not been what we had expected from past trips.
 During the week our boat caught 30 pike 41" and above with the largest being a 46" which was caught early in the week. We caught a total of 217 pike during the week with a large number in the 38-41" range that were great fighters.
 After several days of wind Eagle Point turned on and we caught several trophies and had a huge pike follow to the boat (48"+) but would not eat our baits.
 All in all we had a good trip which easily would have surpassed any pike trips to other destinations throughout Canada.
 Steve Schmitt

 *Pics to follow*