The first report of 2014!!!! May 31-June 6

Six anglers took on the elements for the opening of Taltson Bay Big Pike Lodge's 2014 Season.  With water levels down two feet and 6 days of north, northeast winds; the combatants came away bloodied but still the victor.
Upon arrival we knew it was going to be a different ice out.  That's because the ice was 200 yards off Tower Island the first day. But never fear a good amount of North and Northeast winds beat that ice and threw it west.  Because of the lower water depth the clarity in the windy conditions made for some slow stretches, but there were still enough active fish to keep the group slimed and sore for most of the week.  The late spring in the north gave us Innconu to 40lbs the entire week. Yes I said 40lbs.  The "conni" were so predictable that targeting them whenever we wanted was easy.  As always the Walleye fishing was off the hook, with fish to 27.5" common.  In fact we ate walleye for lunch each and every day in camp.  As for the Pike action...I've had better here, but then after 23 trips in you'd think I would.  The group of 6 caught well over 1200 fish for the week with Rick Sweeney's 48" personal best the big fish for the week. Close to 80 fish in excess of 41" was what the tally went too.  As I always say...I so so week at Taltson is still better than most camps in Canada will have for an entire season.
It's been 8 years since I fished the spring opener...I'm sure glad I did, but boy am I looking forward to my week the last week of August...some 70 days from now!!