The Greg Them August 2015 report!

This was my second trip to Taltson. I was joined in camp by Mike, Andy and Dave Jamison as well as Caleb and Josh Little. Everyone had a great time and the fishing was world class just like my last trip. Don, Karen and Helena did a great job with the cooking and Garet did a great job guiding us. The lake is about 2 feet down and there was a north wind each day. The best fishing was off of the rocks. My numbers were the following:

4 days of fishing
333 fish
25 41” or bigger (largest was 45”)
91 between 36 and 40.9”

Everyone in the group caught trophies. I know the largest in camp was a 48” and two 47” fish.

I think only two trophies came from weeds for me. Rocks and trolling were the ticket. The last night of trolling was phenomenal. We went 22 for 36 with 8 trophies, the largest being 44”. There were multiple times while hand landing the fish that we saw one or two trophies that had followed the fish in. 

The hot lures for me were:

Black and Gold

Uboats (Bulldawg type lures) in Pearl, Black/Red Tail
Obaits (Bulldawg type lures) in Black/Orange tail (both years this color has out produced any other colors)
8” Xtreme Glide Bait – It was really cool seeing this bait get destroyed in the span of 1 hour.  A lot of 38-40 fish with two trophies mixed in. It’s really cool to catch them on something I made!
8” Xtreme Crank

Other notes:

Saw the northern lights
It was weird seeing the sun setting on one side and the giant full moon behind us
I have some good camera footage once I get everything mashed together.

If there’s a better place to fish for trophy pike, I would love to be there. Until then, I will continue to visit Taltson. Heading back next year for sure!

Greg Them