Aug 17 -24 Group
John Mich, Rick Sweeney, Jamie Riani, Bill Kallenburg, Steve Schmidt and Richard Schmitz embarked on their week to Taltson with high hopes and many memories of previous trips into the best pike fishing on earth.  What they got was 5 weather fronts, 180 degree wind changes every day, one day of 40+ MPH winds and another trip better than most will ever experience.
The pike never cooperated as they have in the past, but the boys from south of the border still put the hurt on close to 700 fish.  The largest fish was a 47” brut caught by Richard Schmitz and the group as a whole averaged 1 pike 41”+,  for every 9 pike they caught.   It was nice to note that a clockwork walleye pattern has been established for july-september. If you want walleyes by the dozens, we now have that to offer in a very specific area as well.