Early August report #2

From Tim Stewart:
Ok so here we go. Two guys from Minnesota show up at camp to fish pike. We were not sure about what we were getting into as we had been to plenty of other camps and been underwhelmed by the fishing. We jump in a boat with the guide stop at the weed edge at becks third cast we land a strong stout 43 inch pike. Bryan and I gave each other a look and I said” game on.” These first timers put almost 600 fish in the boat,586 to be exact 61 of them 41 or better. Two of these monsters came out true 46 inchers no squeezing tails or adding on a little here just true big fish, All hand landed with a quick pic and back for more.

After the first day Bryan said “you know we can’t fish any were else now” . Most of our fish came on rad dog’s in the weeds or madusas out in the open. Becks weeds during the day river channel morning and night. Thubin was nothing more than a boat ride. Next time we will know not to bring all that other stuff, It just is not needed. I will however do some forearm and hand exercises as the both were in pain by the end of the week. Thanks for letting us in on your little secret of the North.

P.S. It also was a lot of fun to talk to those folks coming out of Plummer’s and show them pic’s, as they had at least that week not such a good week. If you land any customers from there I will only take a small cut.