Taltson Aug 3-9


 From Chad Sandy.

Taltson Aug 3-9

This was a first for our group to visit Taltson.  We had a 4th guy lined up, but had a last minute cancellation due to a situation at home.  So three of us; Lonnie Them, Greg Them, and myself (Chad Sandy), gave it our best.  Garet did a great job driving the boat and unhooking fish for me in absence of my partner.
I could write a book, but in short: weather was in the 70’s in the day, and 50’s at night.  We had a high pressure front overhead the entire week with nothing but blue skies.  Had one day with strong east winds, but it was still fishable.  The rest of the time we had intermittent light winds from most from the east with an occasional south or north element.  Water temps were in the mid 60’s
The Numbers:
Total fish boated for the group was 686 (Avg 229 per person)
Fish 36”-40.9” = 119
Fish 41+ = 74

46” Chad (New PB)
45” = 3 (one each)
44” = 9
43” = 11
42” = 14
41”= 36
Several additional Trophies lost boatside including some 45+

Spent most of the week doing 4 things including; working rocks receiving wind when it was windy, picking apart thickest/freshest weeds, working open water in cuts that were receiving wind, and trolling the channel (mainly after dinner).

  • We stayed safe, and nobody got hurt (too badly)
  • Greg caught a nice 43.5” Blue/silver pike strain
  • Greg did real well trolling with his own handmade Xtreme 8” Crankbait in Firetiger (many of his largest fish caught this way).  Also did well on a Bulldawg knockoff in Black/Red.  He outfished Lonnie and I trolling these two baits, while Lonnie & I tried every other color under the rainbow.
  • Chad got his personal best, which was a nice 46 with beautiful markings.  Caught in 4 feet of water in sparse weeds.  Fish was neutral, but got it to eat, and saw the whole thing 10 feet from the boat…  Awesome!
  • Chad had a day with 8 trophies!
  • Great food prepared by Amanda!
  • 4 brand new  rods snapped while fighting fish (reputable brand in appropriate weight/power)

Hot Baits:
Spinnerbaits (Musky Mayhem, Grinders, and 2.5oz, 9” made by John Riopelle (johnr4980 – on eBay)  Color; Green, Orange, Pink
Spoons (Williams Whitefish, Johnsons Minnow, Pet) Color; Chrome, Gold, Gold/Silver)
Greg’s Xtreme 8” Crankbait
Bulldawgs or equivalent – Trolling
Bondy Hot Orba
Jimmy Bucktails
Pink Mepps Musky Killer