2011..The year of the beast!!

Welcome to the 2011 fishing season at Taltson Bay Big Pike Lodge. We look forward to seeing the regular alumni as well as reading their upcoming reports. And we really look forward to seeing the freshmen of 2011 have that first eye opening "HOT DAMN!" experience.
Ahhh..remember the first time you landed on The Taltson?? It was like the first time

So... We have a few months to go. I've archived all of the previous reports and photos ( look on the right and click thru 'em.) . BUT..I GOT TIME ON MY HANDS!!! So, if ya got anything you want to share about 2010, send it on over to and I'll get it on here. If you have ONE super-memorable fish and a story, please share it with us. We all love hearing about each others triumphs up there. After all...we ARE the best of the best, and a very elite group. There's no need to be shy about kicking ass in the company of others that kick ass :)

John, Steve and I would like to take the time to say THANKS to all the alumni who stopped at the All Canada Show booth. It's always great to see our fellow pike fighters.

Start sharpening hooks, people!! It's almost time to drive some metal thru some teeth!
This year is gonna be epic!!

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